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The world is changing more rapidly than ever before, and we must adapt or become irrelevant.
As investors in the bleeding edge, capital no longer is enough to insure success.
Technical expertise, creativity, business insight, and syngeries in purpose and vision are what will increasingly determine the effectiveness of deployed capital.
This is our strategy, this is our passion.

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We Are Syntec Ventures

Software is eating the world. Marc Andreeson

All around you, your life is being changed by creative, powerful ideas. Ideas that once took years to bring to market are impacting millions upon millions of peoples' lives within months of inception, evolving, changing, disrupting all the things we do and how we interact. This breathtaking trend will only accelerate as emerging economies are brought en masse into the connected fold.
Are you ready?!

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What We Do

We invest in companies that are changing the world through software.


Clear and concise, single-focused vision is what drives successful ventures. Vision is what pulls you through, it is what unites. Vision is vitality, and it is our job to insure you keep it fresh, keep it the seat of passion in everything you aim to achieve.


Without it, you have nothing. Technology alone will not make people want to allow your software to play a role in their lives. Technology without creativity is dead, lifeless. We want to live. We want the things in our lives to facilitate this goal, to become indistinguishable from who we are. This requires creativity, and is a fundamental aspect of our approach to investment.


The potential for disruption excites us. Through meaningful innovation, opportunities will never be exhausted. The world evolves, we change, and those unwilling to embrace transformation will wither and die on the vine of societal progress.


Connecting and building together. Yeah, nothing is done well alone; and let's be honest, it is just plain fun to collaborate on solutions that promise real, impactful change. Investors are just as much facilitators as they are connectors, and it is this job that we approach with much pride and joy.


Shit happens, and building solutions and products that have real scale and importance is not easy. It is in these times that the true worth of your investors shines through, and we are here to encourage and help you push through with not only experience-derived insights, but aligned resources and shared capabilities.


So, you made it past the chasm. Excellent work! How about the next 10 million users? Can you scale operationally and keep that vision and culture intact? Yes, that vision. It's what we wake up for every day, and there are no shortcuts. You need investors who are willing and capable to stick around for the long game. This is our commitment.

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